Unlock the Key to Truly Unique Art Journals

Have you noticed how beautiful art journals seem to include so much more than paper? They include fabric, texture, beads, thread and so much more. 

In this original online retreat hosted by Andrea Chebeleu and Dr. Minette Riordan, we are going to take you beyond the pages in your journal to create inspired and original art journal spreads.

During this virtual retreat, you will learn various ways to add visual interest to your art journal pages. Start by creating beautiful abstract backgrounds and then build beyond the page with a variety of fun finishing touches.

In true Creative Stretch style, we will stretch your thinking, your beliefs and your skills with a wide variety of techniques, thoughtful prompts and some journaling.

By the end of the workshop you will have created a variety of elements to add to your journal pages and you will have completed at least one art journal spread using what you learn.

Here are a few ideas of what we will be incorporating into this workshop:

  • Hand-painted fabric
  • Slow stitching on fabric and paper
  • Create your own texture with fun foam and tissue paper
  • Texture paste to add texture and interest to tags, fabric or pages
  • Scribing into the surface of paint and paste
  • Additions to your journal like tags, envelopes, ribbon & charms or beads
  • How to add to or extend pages with different types of “connections”

The Details:

Saturday & Sunday, July 23 & 24

Saturday: 3pm to 6pm Pacific/6pm to 9pm Eastern 

Sunday: 8am to 4pm Pacific/11am to 7pm Eastern

  • This is a virtual retreat hosted on Zoom.
  • All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live.
  • Supplies not included. We will send a detailed supply list and encourage you to use what is around the house by going on a creative stash scavenger hunt. You will also be able to order a special kit from A Work of Heart Studio.
  • All students will receive a custom stencil designed by Andrea & Minette.
  • This retreat is appropriate for any stage of artist from the curious dabbler to the art journaling aficionado with all the supplies.

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Meet Andrea and Minette

Andrea and Minette take a minute to share about themselves and their joyful collaborations!