Supplies + Kit

You can work in any journal you currently have. Andrea and Minette will be working in the Handbook 5.5x5.5 or the Hahnemuhle Sketch Diary

This optional kit add on will contain 95% of what you need to complete the workshop. You will need to provide your own heat tool (embossing dryer) and some odds and ends from around your home but this is a super convenient way to gather your supplies (shipped in the United States only)


Amsterdam paints (8pc)

Tissue Sheet

Embroidery Needle

Floss - (6) colors/6ft each

Masking Tape - ½” roll

Palette Knife

Pigma Pen 05

Mini embossing ink pad

School Glue - hand-poured bottle

Texture Paste - hand-poured bottle

Texture Powder - hand-poured bottle (faux beeswax crystals)

Inktense Sticks - (4) half-sticks

Pentel Gel Roller 

White Ink Marker

Gesso - hand-poured bottle

Matte Medium - hand-poured bottle

Sharpie Chisel-tip

Bamboo Stick

Pack of Deli Paper

Mini Tags (12pc)

Medium Tags (5)

Large Tags (6)

Brush Set 

White Rayon Seam Tape (62”)

Silk Sari Ribbon (40”)

Stickyback thin EVA foam sheet

Ephemera Pack 

Various Fabrics & burlap

Large heart bezel

Large oval lacy bezel 

2 Custom Stencils 4"x6"


White Air Dry Clay (Crayola brand)

Click HERE to purchase a complete kit.

Things to provide from home in addition to the kit contents:

  • Water Cup
  • Paper Towels and/or wet wipes
  • Table/workspace covering
  • Heat-it tool or embossing tool (hair dryer doesn't get hot enough for embossing crystals)
  • Reading glasses or magnifier if you need it
  • Scissors
  • Extra jumbo paper clips (optional, your kit provides 2)
  • Water spray bottle
  • Sheet protector or Gallon sized ziploc bag

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