The Creative Stretch Process

The Creative Stretch process offer a unique way to create art that is meaningful and unique to you.

Throughout the 5 day warm-up and the entire 10 week course, we will be showing you how to get under the surface of WHY you make art, why it matters to you and how to prioritize what matters to you.

Andrea and Minette love working with our core values and believe they are foundational to our lives and to our work in the world.

As we began talking about this program, we realized we had two perspectives and two approaches to making our art meaningful:

  • Minette likes to write first and then create the visual.
  • Andrea starts with the visual and then writes.
  • We wondered how other artists would approach this process of integrating art and writing?

Sometimes we just want to make pretty, relaxing art! We need time for that in our lives for sure.

Sometime we want to go a little deeper, learn a little more and explore what things mean.

We were both inspired by our work with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and wanted to find a way to move beyond that work.

We love making art and morning pages.

We got curious about how we could integrate our journal writing and art making into a meaningful process and that is how The Creative Stretch was born.

Each day we will share a prompt plus three questions that allow you to

  1. stay at the surface and make something nice and quick
  2. reflect on what or who inspires you
  3. take the practice deeper with a powerful question

We know this process will be as inspiring to you as it has been to us. We will be sharing a sample version of this in our live kick off call on Sunday!

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