Day 1 Prompt - Be Intentional

Prompt for the day: Be intentional

Be intentional is the first of our 5 prompts for this week.

Below you will find videos from Minette and Andrea showing our individual thoughts and visual approach to the prompts.

We have a series of 3 written prompts to help you connect with the theme of the day. You can stay at the surface and just write a few words about what intentional means to you or even simply rewrite the dictionary definition. Or you can follow one of the additional prompts to go even deeper into your connection to the concept.

We also offer a visual prompt each day to guide your creative process if desired. In the videos you will see that Andrea followed the prompts, Minette did not.

Definition of intentional: done on purpose; deliberate.

In your writing:

  1. What is the definition of the word intentional - do you like the dictionary definition or does the word have a different meaning for you?
  2. Who is someone that represents this "be-attitude" of Be intentional that you admire?
  3. How would your life change for the better if you were to be more intentional.... for the next 10 weeks

Visual Prompt: what shape do you gravitate towards in your art? Use that shape on your journal page.

Inspiring Quote: "Our intention creates our reality." - Wayne Dyer

Andrea and Minette both adore circles!

Here are a few written reflections on Be Intentional from us:

Andrea: I desire flow state in my creative practice. A deep knowing or intuition in the process that results in joyful bliss! My intention is to learn with each choice to hone my discernment and identify what lights me up with a "YES, THIS!" epiphany.

Minette: I love our quote from Wayne Dyer this week that our intention creates our reality. I realize that I need more focus and clarity about what I want from my daily creative practice so that I am working with intention. When I'm not clear, I get distracted and off track and then the reality is that I'm not making art. Be intentional is a powerful reminder for me create the reality that I say I want.

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