Day 5 Prompt: Be Visionary

Prompt for the day: Be visionary.

Below you will find videos from Minette and Andrea showing our individual thoughts and visual approach to the prompts.

We have a series of 3 written prompts to help you connect with the theme of the day. You can stay at the surface and just write a few words about what visionary means to you or even simply rewrite the dictionary definition. Or you can follow one of the additional prompts to go even deeper into your connection to the concept.

We also offer a visual prompt each day to guide your creative process if desired. In the videos you will see that Andrea followed the prompts, Minette did not.

Definition of visionary:

  1. adjective - (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
  2. noun - a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like

In your writing:

  1. What does visionary mean to you - do you like the dictionary definition or does the word have a different meaning for you?
  2. Who is someone that represents this "be-attitude" of Be visionary that you admire?
  3. Do you have a clear vision for your creative practice?

Visual Prompt: Draw, paint or collage images that represent your vision of yourself as an artist

Inspiring Quote: "No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings." William Blake

Here are a few written reflections on Be visionary from us:

Andrea: Connecting my vision with my purpose is vital for me. It is too easy to be swayed this way and that with every new shiny sparkly thing that comes along but when I am clear what my purpose is, I have a filter for focus. What I am practicing a little each day builds the path to my vision. Side trips are distracting and fun and sometimes re-route my path but having clarity on my purpose and vision always moves me upward.

Minette: I am a visionary thinker, dreamer and planner. I love dreaming big! I've discovered that when I connect to my vision through art and writing, I feel more connected and more likely to see it through. My creative practice helps me work through ideas, beliefs and stories so I can fully embrace my vision.

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